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After you send an email message, you might want to find that email and resend it or forward it to someone else. Outlook stores your messages in the Sent Items. After an email message is sent using your Exchange Server account, you can attempt to undo or retract the message as well as replace it. Until a week ago all my Sent Mail appeared correctly in Sent Mail folder. Now it no longer appears. I can't figure out what settings have been.

After you send an email using Microsoft Outlook or later versions, a copy of the email message is not saved to the Sent Items folder. You can send email from Direct Mail through your Gmail account. Please be aware that Google imposes strict limits on the amount of email you can send. You can send or unsend messages from a browser or the Gmail app. Write an email On your computer, open Gmail. In the top.

A second common reason is that people mistakenly believe that what they see in Sent mail is a duplicate of what they see elsewhere, and so. In some email account programmes you may find that your sent messages are missing across all of your devices. This is commonly due to. You could always simply view the "Gmail/All Mail" folder. Inside Mail on your iPad , go to Mailboxes-> Gmail (under accounts) -> All Mail. When I look at my Sent Items folder, I only see my name instead of the name of the person I have sent the message to. How can I change this so.