Danny phantom ember remember download

Danny phantom ember remember

Remember is the song sung by Ember McLain (voiced by Robbyn Kirmsse) in the episode, "Fanning the Flames." According to Tucker's PDA, at the begining of the episode, the song is track 1 from the album "Ember." The song was written by Guy Moon, Butch Hartman, and Steve Marmel. Ember McLain is a ghost villainess in Danny Phantom. According to one of the directors of the show, before she died, Ember was an unpopular high school girl . Remember lyrics by Danny Phantom - lyrics explanations and 3 song meanings. Yeah, Oooooooo / It Ohh Ember, so warm and tender, You will remember my.

Lyrics to Remember by Danny Phantom: Yeah, Oooooooo / [Music] / It was, it was Danny Phantom – Remember Lyrics Ohh Ember, you will remember. For the first time ever I'm making a blog around the Show Danny Phantom! This blog is mostly going to be about Ember McLain's story before. "Danny Phantom" Fanning the Flames (TV Episode ) Tara Strong as Ember McLain.

Created The Fairly OddParents, Danny Phantom, TUFF Puppy, Bunsen is a Beast! . Oh Ember I do remember . love this ember my favorite ghost girl and dani.