Cern root source download

Cern root source

To obtain the ROOT sources you can either download a specific version from the download page or access the Git repository directly. You can also browse the. We are developing ROOT according to the principle of Release early and release often. For the csh shell family do: source /root/bin/ Download and unpack the ROOT's sources from the download area or using directly the Git repository. Follow the instructions for getting the ROOT sources.

We provide an alpha version of the ROOT Docker container! The CERN Summer Student program is in full swing and ROOT is part of it. Subscribe . The official repository for ROOT: analyzing, storing and visualizing big data - root- project/root. See download page for the latest binary releases. Getting started with ROOT. source bin/ $ root. More information regarding. tar -zxf An alternative approach is to use our public GIT repository to get. the latest version. git clone

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